Monday, December 3, 2012

Critique groups: celebrating achievements and kicking your butt when you need it!

Writing-wise, I had quite an achievement last week. I actually finished re-writing chapter 3..! And, wait for it, I'm now writing chapter 4!

Why, you may ask, is this significant?

The previous incarnations of this WIP didn't have chapters, just scenes which didn't fit the plot outline the way I wanted them to. I would keep re-writing chapters 2 and 3 and never getting past the end of chapter 3 before I'd want to start ALL over again. So this is the first time that I am writing words for the fourth chapter and it feels really good! Especially because I'm actually HAPPY with chapters 1, 2 and 3 now and can leave them alone until it's time to edit the whole book.

For achieving this mini goal, I'm giving myself a little pat on the back with the help of some lovely working dogs - are they cute?

How you celebrate those mini goals in the long road of writing a fiction novel? Do you give yourself permission to take some time to read for enjoyment? Take a day off? Enjoy something decadent to eat?

My critique group recently started a private group on Facebook, so I was able to share my achievement with these four wonderful women who understand what I'm going through. While my husband sort of gets it, it really does help to have other writers with whom you can share the highs, lows and frustrations of creating a story and crafting a book.

My group's now calling to read chapter 4 as soon as it's finished, so the little slogan over on the left feels about right!

But the a**-kicking is a good thing, right?. We all need it and sometimes you just plum run out of gumption to kick your own butt for one more day, one more half hour of writing, one more word to finish that scene perfectly.

Having friends saying they really want to read your story, to find out what happens is the BEST! It's what I'm writing for - readers who enjoy MY story. Brilliant. Best kind of a**-kicking a gal can get.

And on that note, best I get back to writing :)

Until next time, all the best,